I purchased a tomtom go 920T about a year ago at about $400 and the battery fails in the unit.I am told by their customer service rep.

take the unit to Radio Shack and ry to find a replacement battery. I took the unit to radio shack its a Solded in battery that non replaceable. I called tomtom back and the next representative offered me $ $75 dollars for my TomTom 920T and said thats all they could do since they dont service what they sell unlees its under warranty. so once your warranty expires the tomtom is Basically Trash or Junk because there is'nt any one who will service it not even the people who sells it.

Thats my last tomtom and the last time i'll ever do buisness with them again or any one with their affiliation.So Consumer Beware!!

Monetary Loss: $433.

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